Dorm update:

The dorm completion is in sight!!

Showers will be usable by the end of week. Plumbing and electrical should be done next week. We have appliances and will put them in soon. Rooms will all be put together, and ready for teens to move in within the next few weeks!

Once the dorm is complete, and final inspections are done, we will have a ribbon-cutting ceremony and open house! (sometime in February) For those of you that saw the “before” in December, you will be amazed at the transformation! And even if it’s your first time touring, you will be impressed by the awesome facility that we have!

Thank you to so much to Tony Mezzenga, Gabuk Properties, and the many contractors and volunteers that came together and made this happen!!

Opportunities to help LPA:


  • Fundraisers
    • World’s Finest Chocolate is here! Available for individuals to purchase. Also would appreciate anyone that is able to bring a box to sell at work, etc.
    • Herbergers coupon books. The next Community Days  Sale is March 1-3. We have books available now through the sale.
    • Twins games = we need volunteers to work a concession stand at home games. You can commit to one game or all 21 games we signed up for. Contact our dorm parent, Kevin, if you are interested.  612-434-6451
  • Donations – we need to increase our monthly donations received to $20K per month. This will cover rent, food, insurance, utilities, supplies, etc, and a small stipend for our staff (currently not paid).



  • We plan to increase our enrollment to 16 students. To care for and supervise that many teens 24/7/365 will “take a village”. There are many opportunities available to help out. Whether you are available 1 or 100 hours a month, we can use you. If you are willing and able, we will find a spot for you that matches your comfort level and time restraints.




  • 8 twin size beds (new)
  • 4 CO/smoke detectors
  • 4 blankets/comforters
  • 8 “portable closets”
  • 4 alarm clocks



  • 2 hand held mirrors
  • Toilet paper
  • Paper towels
  • Facial tissue (with lotion)



  • 2 microwave ovens
  • 1 freezer
  • Dishwasher
  • Dishwasher soap
  • Dishwashing soap
  • Basic cooking supplies (flour, sugar, salt, baking soda, etc)



  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Toothpaste
  • Combs
  • Hair picks
  • Hair brushes
  • 1 straightening iron
  • 1 curling iron
  • Deodorant
  • 2 blow dryers
  • Lotion
  • Body wash (not anti-bacterial)
  • Shavers (not razors)
  • Hand soap



  • 1 vacuum cleaner
  • 1 carpet cleaner
  • Carpet cleaner soap
  • 2 mops
  • 2 mop pails
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • All purpose cleaner
  • Window washing fluid
  • Toilet cleaner



  • 1 Dryer
  • Laundry soap (dye & perfume free)
  • Stain remover
  • Softener sheets (perfume free)
  • 8 hampers with lids
  • 8 laundry baskets
  • Light bulbs (for lamps)
  • OTC meds:  antibiotic ointment, antifungal cream, decongestant, hydrocortisone ointment
  • Thermometer
  • 1 AED
  • Shelves
  • 6 bicycles



  • Large flat screen smart TV
  • DVD player
  • 4 laptop computers
  • Material, fleece, flannel


Upcoming events:

  • Now – April 30 = World’s Finest Chocolate sale
  • March 1-3 = Herbergers Community Days Sale
  • April 5 – September = Twins home games concession stand


Staff/student corner:

We start this monthly segment again by spotlighting Kevin Lyke, our dorm parent.

Kevin will be living in the dorm with the students and be around most of the time. He works at the Olive Garden, by Northtown. He also works with the youth group at New Brighton Christian Church. If you come to visit, you can’t miss him; he’s 6’7”! We are happy to have Kevin on board with LPA, and he is an asset to our mission!

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