Staff/Student Spotlight

Cassie Bauman is this month’s spotlight. Cassie is an Irondale/U of M graduate currently volunteering with LPA. She will be helping here in many ways, while studying for the MCAT, and waiting to enter medical school. She enjoys golf, running, and reading. Welcome to Life Prep Academy, Cassie!


Thank you to the many of you that made it to our ribbon cutting/open house. What a turn out! And thank you to the army of volunteers and contract workers that made the dorm happen! And thank you to Minneapolis Next, for the grant money that made the dorm possible! We look forward to serving many more teens.

We are currently selling World’s Finest Chocolate. We will be selling until the end of April. If you are able/willing to take a box to sell for us, we would appreciate it. The chocolate would also go great in any Easter basket.

Upcoming Dates

March 29th = Annual dinner and silent auction
June 7-10 = Tower Days garage sale

Volunteer Opportunities:

We are looking for volunteers to work concessions at Twins home games weekday days & Saturdays). If you would like more information, contact Kevin at

We have many volunteer opportunities in the dorm. Supervise, meals, security, transportation, driving practice, clerical, fundraising, etc. If you have any amount of time available, we have a spot for you!

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