Hello LPA supporters!

Hope you had a great Christmas season, and a good start to 2019! Thank you for all you did for Life Prep Academy in 2018.  

Our goals for 2019:

  • Continue to find and serve homeless and high risk teens
  • Increase our fundraising to $240K
  • Increase our volunteer and staff base
  • Staff:  Administrator, 3 teachers, Finance person, Fundraiser
  • Volunteers:  supervision, meals, tutoring, events, etc
  • Begin paying our staff a humble salary

January Fundraising

Change for Change Can
  • “Change for Change” can:  we are looking for people/businesses to take and place a can. Let us know if you CAN help?
  • Happenings books:  we have 2019 Happenings books for sale; $20 each


  • Biggest need is donations to pay for operating expenses (rent, food, etc)
  • Paper goods:  toilet paper, paper towels, tissues (with lotion), paper plates, napkins
  • 4 VGA cables (for donated student computers)
  • Other:  laundry detergent (dye & perfume free), softener sheets (dye & perfume free), Clorox wipes, toilet bowl cleaner, window cleaner

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